26 Jun The Best Companion


This past week I suffered a great loss.  Dee Dee, my sweet feline companion for 20 years, passed away.  It was a peaceful transition with her dying in her sleep.  So, after many weeks of Dee Dee getting weaker and frailer, I finally had to say goodbye.  Goodbye to a sweet face that greeted me each morning in the bed and each evening waiting just inside the door.  Goodbye to the fluffy sentry who would stand outside the shower while I bathed, and who would sit on the desk as I wrote many of my blogs.    Named for Marlene Dietrich, Dee Dee was YES a diva, but also the most loving companion anyone could ever wish for.

Our pets are like family.  They become a part of the family unit, so when you are designing your home or new space don’t forget your 4 legged (or 8 legged or whatever the case may be) friends.  Over the next few months, I’ll be providing you with some valuable information about keeping your pets safe and comfortable in your home.

But today, I want to share with you some great ideas I found on how to create wonderfully comfortable beds for your canine and feline friends, all while staying on a budget by repurposing materials and items you may already have.  This way you are helping the planet by reusing materials all the while keeping your companions in comfort and style.


A simple table or even a bench becomes a royal bed for the most finicky of pets.  Turn upside down, add some decorative finials to each leg and paint in a wonderful color.  Add the cushion in a soft and decorative fabric and your companion will want to nap all day long!



   A simple cabinet with a door becomes a cozy and safe house for your furry friend.  Just remove the door (above) – or  just the center panel (below) – and add the necessary blanket or cushion, and you have a practical solution for the dog or cat that lies to be part of the family or nearby your during sleep time.



This is a great use of left over materials.  It is a stylish solution for creating an area of your home or room just for your best friend.  Left over drawers, some lumber and a little labor and you can create something unique.


We know that many of our pets want to be the center of attention. . . well, now they can be!  This idea works     particularly well with larger dogs who need height.  For more theatre, add simple curtains inside left and right to create a stage or think about painting the entire cabinet in a bold color like red, green or even in silver metallic. . . for the Hollywood touch!


An old Samsonite suitcase becomes a stylish and colorful bed for Fido.  Just remove the lid, add a cushion and perhaps some decorative feet and you have a cool bed for your companion.  An old leather suitcase would make an elegant statement as an alternative.  True divas would, of course, only have Louis Vuitton!

So, go right now and hug your pet.  They give so much and expect so little.  Every day with them is a blessing.

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