As we enter March, my thoughts turn to green; not only because of upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day, but also that spring is just right around the corner.

As a green-a-holic, one of my all-time favorite green things ever is malachite.   This semi-precious stone has been used for centuries in jewelry and in ancient times was attributed for protection and for attracting love energy.

But in the last couple of years we have been seeing malachite and it’s facsimile being used in furniture and interior design.

This gorgeous sink, from Sherle Wagner, is a beautiful blend of a real malachite top with a gold faucet featuring malachite handles.

                              This year Robert Allen Fabrics introduced cotton fabric that features a stylized pattern of malachite that was popping up all over last fall’s High Point market.  Shown here on a chair from Century Furniture, as well as used dramatically as full drapery.  It’s a bold way to bring some green into your life.

Cole & Sons Wallcoverings is producing “Malachite”, a wallpaper that would add drama and luxury to any space, as featured in this men’s bathroom.

And this malachite trend is not just limited to fabrics and paper.

Century Furniture has 2 great new pieces, a chest and a side table that feature a faux malachite finish. 

 While Marjorie Skouras has handcrafted a wonderful small chair table that features a real malachite top on a hammered gold-leaf base.

So as we approach Saint Patrick’s Day, bring a little luck and malachite into your home design.

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