Design Bloggers Conference Atlanta 2015

This past week I had the pleasure of spending 3 days in Atlanta for the Design Bloggers Conference.
Despite the nasty weather, over 250 design bloggers gathered to learn about how to write better
blogs, engage their target audience and to view and preview some of the latest products and trends in
the interior design industry.


ADAC Atlanta

Our first day included several lectures in the morning and a tour of the Atlanta Design and Arts Center
(ADAC) and touring several showrooms. I always love spending time at ADAC and seeing some the
industry’s coolest new products and getting design inspiration from the nation’s top manufacturers of
custom products for the home.


Browsing the manufacturer showrooms at ADAC

Our next day was spent at the Grand Hyatt of Buckhead, where the event was held and our keynote
speaker was Nate Berkus, nationally known designer, TV celebrity and, most importantly, Oprah’s
friend. He discussed his design approach and philosophy, as well as how he continues to market his
brand and designs through the blogging community. His approach of surrounding yourself with only
those people and things that you treasure the most, really hit home.


Nate Berkus discussing his design approach and philosophy

On our final day, we heard from HGTV celebrity and producer Brian Patrick Flynn. He is not only in
charge of the companies blog but also produces several of the HGTV shows as well as being a highly
sought after designer, having completed projects all over the country. His energetic style was very
entertaining and I really got a lot from his approach of not seeking perfection in all that we do, but to
make your work memorable and educational for others.


Ready to conquer the world of blogging!

Now that I am back in throws of design work and writing, I can’t wait to integrate some of the
principles I learned this past week into my interior design work, as well as into my writings right here
on this blog. My goal is to give you blog posts that are valuable, informative, timely and as fun to read
as they are to write.

Master Bathroom: Luxury Retreat


We all love to get away from our hectic lives. Vacations are a great way to take things a little slower and relax. But they are far and few between. Your own master suite can be your private luxury hotel getaway, if you take the time to make it special and include the features you would find at a 5 star resort.

_MED5417_8_9_tonemapped (1)

If you are looking to create that resort, spa feeling in your bath, consider the following as must-haves: Deep Soaking or Therapeutic Tub: Nothing says relaxing like a hot bath. Many of us could spend hours just soaking and letting the problems of the day disappear. If you are remodeling or building, this is a great time to upgrade to, my favorite, and an air tub. Imagine 50-60 small jets of warm air caressing your body, with a heated backrest and even Chromatherapy. Just the thing to soothe aching muscles and quiet the mind. It is important to find a tub that really fits you. Too small and you won’t be comfortable; too large and the tub will cool too quickly. Also consider faucet placement. You want it to be within easy reach both before you step in and also well placed once you are in the tub, in case you want to add more water during your long soak.


Invigorating Shower: If a tub bath is not your thing, or if the space doesn’t permit, consider a shower with all of today’s great features. Rain heads, body sprays and pulsating shower heads can create a shower experience that is truly all about luxury. If your shower is larger than 3ft x 4ft, consider adding a bench for sitting. This is a great feature for shaving your legs or for relaxing as the water soothes your body. You may want to consider a steam unit for your shower, for the ultimate in spa treatments after a long hard day of work or working out. Make sure to include built-in recesses in your design near the main shower control for the soaps and bottles of product that you will be using in the shower. That way they are always right at hand and yet neatly tucked away.


Heated Towel Warmer: Just thinking about a warm towel makes everything feel better. Today’s models come in a variety of styles and finishes, with timers to coordinate with your bathing schedule. You can find models that are wall mounted or floor standing and that plug in or can be wired directly. Just remember to place it handy to the tub or shower for easy reach.


Great Lighting: Generous and correct lighting is a must in any bath. You want it to be easy to see and to have the lighting placed so that it is the most flattering to you. Lighting fixtures can be the jewelry of the bath and give it great style but it must be functional as well. I always recommend 3 layers of light. First, overhead, general lighting to light up the room and provide good illumination for cleaning. This can be in the form of a hanging center fixture or recess lighting spread accordingly around the room. Second, task lighting in the form of sconces mounted at eye level on either side of the mirror to illuminate your face evenly for makeup and shaving. Finally, accent lighting in the form of recess spot lighting to accentuate a special feature , such as a freestanding tub or a piece of wall art.


Great Towels: Like every great resort, your bath should have the finest of towels. There is nothing likethe feeling of getting out of the tub or shower and wrapping yourself up in a big fluffy towel. Selecting the right towel is crucial to completing your spa bath experience. I like to select an oversized towel for extra comfort. While you are at it, why not purchase a thick plush bath robe as well to complete your spa experience.



Lotions, Potions, and Fragrances: To compete your spa bath getaway each day, you need the right products. Consider bath oils for your air tub, body scrubs and bath gels for the shower and essentials oils for the steam shower option. Candles in your favorite fragrances and moisturizers for your skin are uplifting to the senses and make your mind and body feel pampered. Place a small basket or tray conveniently on the counter and fill with your favorite products and even the samples from other hotel stays and use them each and every day. They are a small cost and can make your bath experience so much more special.

Your bath is a very important room. It is where you begin and end each day. Make it a special experience with some of these recommendations and you will enjoy 5 star living every day.



Designing a Master Bedroom Retreat

Today’s world, for most of us, is a hectic place. With all the responsibilities that we have with jobs, family, children and just general life, it is hard to find a place to get away from it all. Vacations are great but they are often far and few between. We all dream of going away to a great hotel with all the amenities and just relaxing and getting away from it all. But you don’t have to fly across the country to experience that wonderful getaway experience. You can create that wonderful luxury hotel experience right in your own master bedroom with just a few of the right ingredients.


Here are just a few things you need to recreate that luxury hotel suite experience:

mainimage3A comfortable chair: Once you find yourself in your special oasis, you will want to curl up and read a book or watch TV, so a great chair is a must. Make sure it is a good fit for you and have also a small table next to it for placing your drink, phone or reading glasses. I often like to have a floor lamp next to the chair to give me concentrated lighting for reading. Consider, if the space permits, to have a chaise which not only gives you a way to stretch out while relaxing but also provides a great place to place comforter, pillows, and blankets when you turn down the bed in the evening.


Great Linens: Nothing speaks comfort and luxury like really wonderful linens for your bed. Whether you prefer jersey cotton to keep you warm in the winter months or Egyptian cotton sheets with a high thread count for silky smooth feeling during the summer, great sheets are a must in any elegant master retreat. For an extra bit of luxury, use a linen spray in a favorite fragrance to scent your sheets as you place on your bed. That way you can experience the luxury of both touch and smell.

Screen-shot-2010-08-30-at-10_18_13-PM.png - bunny williams via laura caseyLots of Pillows: Have you ever noticed that every great luxury hotel bed is loaded with pillows? It is for a reason: you need pillows of different sizes and firmness to accommodate all the ways you will use the bed. Of course you will want great pillows for sleeping. There are so many options, from memory foam to pure down and everything in between. Find the correct pillow to meet your normal sleeping position. In addition to sleeping pillows, add a few pillows that are more firm for sitting in bed and watching TV or reading. Always cover your pillows with a pillow jacket in addition to the normal pillow case to help them last longer.


Desk: Everything luxury hotel room has a desk and your master bedroom should too, if there is space. It doesn’t have to be large: just a table surface and preferably a drawer. This is a great place to sit and check emails, write letters and to keep personal items. It is best if it can face a window with a view. Keep some great notecards, stamps, and pens close by for any writing or bill paying you may want to do from here. An extra charger for your tablet or smartphone makes things even more convenient and of course a great lamp is a must.


Personal Favorite Things: Since this is your retreat- your sanctuary- you need to fill it with things that make you feel happy and relaxed. Photos of family and friends and special occasions are a must have. Your favorite candle for relaxing the senses. A wireless speaker for streaming your favorite music lets you enjoy music without costly rewiring and adds another layer of luxury to the senses. Place a few special pieces that have great sentimental value and items from your past trips to keep great
memories close by. Remember this is your special place: surround yourself with the things that make you the happiest.

There is no reason to wait for that once a year vacation to let yourself feel special. By following these suggestions, you can create that wonderful luxury hotel getaway right in your own home and enjoy it every day.


Before and After Kitchen


The client that bought this townhouse loved her view of the lake but hated the outdated kitchen. It was more than 20 years old and the finishes were dated and the layout was not conducive to entertaining, which she loved to do. The pickled oak cabinetry and the peach colored laminate tops did not reflect the vivacious energy of the woman who lived there. Her requests were simple: give her a view of the lake beyond, a black, gray, and red color scheme and layout for easy entertaining.


The first priority was to come up with a new layout that not only made the kitchen more conducive for entertaining but also gave the owner the view she so desperately wanted. By eliminating the peninsula and creating an island, we opened the floor plan for better traffic pattern and created an easier work and serving surface. Next, by relocating the refrigerator to an adjacent wall (left of room and not seen here), we then were able to move the sink to the back wall and opened up that wall by cutting it down to 48” tall. This opened up the kitchen to the light and the view of the lake, just beyond the dining room. In addition, we created a glass ledge at the top of the wall to display our client’s art pieces.


For our finishes and materials, we selected a cabinetry in a flat black paint, accented with gray glass tile with a red glass accent border for the backsplash. The counters were natural quartz with Silver Pearl granite for the new island.

Now, our client has the dramatic and stylish, black kitchen she had always dreamed of, with a view of the lake and a functional space to entertain and spend quality time with family and friends.


To see more examples of our before and after projects, check out our pinterest board here.  Visit us on the web at or stop by our showroom  located in historic downtown Cleveland, TN we offer you the largest selection of tile, plumbing, cabinetry, hardware, furniture, fabric, wallcovering and accessories in the Chattanooga area.

Product Spotlight Vetrazzo Countertops


Many times today, as we are designing baths and kitchens for our clients we get asked the same question, “Is there anything out there different than granite for a countertop?” Natural quartz countertops are a great choice today for clients who want a low maintenance and uniform looking top for their project. But what if you want a top that has some “wow” factor. What do you do?


We love to choose Vetrazzo recycled glass countertops. First, they have an incredible look. Available in a wide range of colors, ranging from earth tones to bright reds and blues, each Vetrazzo top is made  of 85% recycled glass from sources such as windshields, Skyy Vodka bottles, Heineken bottles, and even glass from demolished skyscrapers. That is why their slogan is “A story in every surface”. Next we love that this a truly recycled material. Even the cement and the binding agents that make up the other 15% are recycled as well. And it is made right here in the USA. Finally, it performs beautifully, being able to resist scratches and heat like granite without the need for special cleaning products or maintenance.



Stop by our showroom in downtown historic Cleveland, TN and see this beautiful and environmentally friendly product today. you can see more examples of these beautiful eco-friendly countertops at



Design Transformation: Spa Bath Retreat Pt. 1

Recently, we received a call from a woman and she said that she would like to talk to us about a new home that she had just purchased. She told us that it was about 8 years old and she had been looking a long time to find a home that met all her requirements and that finally this house did. Many of the areas she said only needed minor changes, along with new furnishings. The master bath was a different story. She said it was terrible and had lots of wasted space and she felt we would need to completely tear it all out and start over.


Now, many times, I have clients tell me that a room has no hope and that they believe that everything must go. And yet, when I see the room myself, I am able to see how, with a few changes that we can make the room look great and function well. This is NOT one of those times. When I arrived, I finally understood what she was talking about. But first, let’s talk about the positive things about the space. The master bath space is very large space. Tall ceilings and a nice crown molding throughout. The toilet is sectioned off for privacy in its own room and there are sliding French doors going out to a private deck, overlooking her property. So I have a large space with two nice features. And on top of that, I also have a large walk-in closet to work with as well. After that, what was left is either inadequate or just plain bad!


First, the master bath suffers from poor lighting. There are a few recessed lights scattered around and two wall mounted sconces over each sink: not nearly enough light for general lighting and certainly not enough lighting at the sink space. Next, the cabinetry is set at a lower height then we normally do today. This is not a comfortable height for most people. The awkward layout with a deep corner space also looks odd and is a complete waste of space. Then we turn our attention to the other side of the bath.


I do not know what the thought process was when this part of the bath was designed. The shower features a half wall that , while allowing the bather a view, does not do an adequate job of keeping the water spray inside the shower enclosure. Perhaps more puzzling is the area to the left of the shower. Was this originally for a tub? An area for a vanity makeup area? No matter the reason, the area is empty and looks like an afterthought.


As for the existing finishes and materials, they do not meet with the new owner’s vision of having a bright and airy bath. The dark stained cabinetry and the army green walls, along with the brown tile do nothing to brighten what is already a dark space. This is not the dream bath my client had in mind. She envisions a master bath with light colors and a soothing feeling. She needs a sit down makeup area, a tub for long soaks and a large shower with multiple shower heads. She wants her new bath to be a relaxing getaway from the stress of her daily work. She can see herself having a cup of coffee on the deck and enjoying her view. As for her closet, she needs lots of room and organization for her clothes and wans an island for easy packing and more drawer storage.

So I have a challenge ahead: making an awkward space feel like a spa retreat and giving my client her dream bath with the light and airy feeling that she desires, all while having the functions that she requires.



Product Spotlight Bain Ultra

Product Spotlight - Bain Ultra Charism Thermomasseur Tub

Bain Ultra Charism Thermomasseur Tub

Bain Ultra Charism Thermomasseur Tub

We at Haskell Interiors have always loved Bain Ultra tubs. They provide a bathing experience second
to none. You will feel the difference between a Bain Ultra Air tub and a conventional jetted tub
almost immediately. All Bain Ultra tubs provide between 45-90 individual air jets that are located to be at the perfect position for the best in relaxation. And since the water stays in the tub and only hot air is circulated, there is none of the problems associated with conventional jetted tubs and you can use bath oils for even a more therapeutic experience. Many Bain Ultra tubs come with heated and air jetted backrests and recessed bottoms with air jets to reach and sooth the spine, neck and back of the leg and lower back area. That is why top spas and resorts have used Bain Ultra for years. For 2015, they have introduced the Charism model. This freestanding model is available in both oval and rectangular and is simply a stunning work of art that deserves to be the focal point of any master bath design. The optional slate or copper contrast banding at the top rim adds yet another design element that gives the tub great style.

Come see our line of Bain Ultra Thermomasseur tubs and let us demonstrate to you why they set a new standard in bathing and relaxing. Visit us on the web at or stop by our showroom  located in historic downtown Cleveland, TN we offer you the largest selection of tile, plumbing, cabinetry, hardware, furniture, fabric, wallcovering and accessories in the Chattanooga area.




Bath Trends for 2015

The bathroom could be considered the most important room in the house. Think about it. It is the first room you see in the morning and the last one you see before going to sleep. It is, for many, a sanctuary: a place to get away from the noise and stress of life and have a few minutes of quiet alone time. As the New Year starts, there are some important trends that are occurring that all support the purpose of making your time in the bathroom more enjoyable and more personal. Here are some trends that you will be seeing in 2015 and beyond:

drews tub

Freestanding Tubs – In the past, it was all about that big massive tub as a focal point in any well-
appointed bath. You would have the large deck of tile or marble surrounding the tub and maybe even steps around. But today the tub is taking center stage in a whole new way: as a work of art and standing proudly alone. A result of today’s trend towards a simpler and more streamlined style, the tubs of today still have all the wonderful features of the past, but in a more streamlined and practical package.  Whether in the center of a room or beneath a beautiful window, today’s tub is a study in shape and simplicity.

shower 2

Large Shower – Perhaps as a result of the tub now becoming more streamline, the showers are continuing to become larger and larger. The standard 3’x6’ shower just won’t cut it anymore in today’s high end master bath. Large showers of 4’ x8’ are becoming the norm. Don’t have the room: today many times we are seeing master bathes without a tub at all, in order to accommodate todays large shower environment. Standard equipment today includes: body sprays, rainheads, LED lights, heated tiles and steam units. And many times there are two of each item: one for her and one for him, each with their own controls.


Heated Floors – A staple in Europe and many northern American cities for years, this is becoming a big trend here in the South, mainly due to the last 4-5 years of record cold and snows we have been experiencing. Clients are demanding that their new baths have heated tile floors. And with good reason: not only do they provide warmth on your bare feet but they truly can heat the room itself and knock the chill out of the air on a cold morning. Heated floors are even more of an essential in older homes where drafts and poor insulation are more common. Today’s systems have timers so that you can have a toasty floor and room before you even awake.

tops 3

Natural Quartz Tops - For years everyone wanted granite. Then it was natural marble. Now we are seeing more and more clients requesting natural quartz countertops. Beautifully mimicking natural marbles and stones, this man made product is scratch and stain resistant. It comes in so many colors and patterns and for the best part: it is consistent and it requires no special cleaning or maintenance program. For someone who wants their countertop to be low maintenance and look great for years , this is the best choice. Plus for larger tops and applications, it comes up to 10 ft. in length, something that can’t be said for most marble, thus eliminating seams.


Tile that Makes a Statement – Up until recently, you had a few choices in tile. You would pick a 12x12 or 18×18 tile on the floor. Then you would put the same tile in the shower. Maybe you would add a decorative accent tile as a border around the shower or maybe even do a different shape, like a brick or subway tile for some different shape or interest. Today, the tile world has exploded with new options. Tile today is taking center stage in the bath with choices that include large patterns, sculpted tiles and printed and patterned tiles that make a real statement. As a result, we are using tile in much larger and more dramatic ways: covering entire vanity walls with tile or creating walls of art in the shower by selecting just the right tile. Today, tile is like wallpaper: hundreds of patterns, styles and colors to fit into any style and environment.

Try to incorporate a few of these trends as you think about your bath renovation. You will be so glad that you did each morning and evening that you step into your bath.

See more great bathroom trend examples on our pinterest board, click here.



Classic White Kitchens

White kitchens have always been a classic staple of design. Yes, there may be other trends that come and go but white never really ever seems to be completely out of the picture. Today, we are doing more white kitchens than ever. And white kitchens cross all boundaries of budget and style. Everyone seems to be rediscovering the beauty of the white kitchen. Having designed dozens of white kitchens, I would like to share with you some of my favorite things about a white kitchen as well as some things you need to be aware of before you decide to choose a white kitchen for yourself.

light and bright

A white kitchen can brighten up a dark space.  Many older homes don’t have the tall ceilings and the huge windows that are available to new homeowners today. A white kitchen will instantly brighten and expand the look of your room, if you are currently living with darker stained cabinetry and countertops. A white kitchen will instantly make your space seem happier and more alive.



A white kitchen allows your collections to be seen. If you have beautiful dishes that you want to display or a collection of something that you want to highlight then a white kitchen is the perfect vehicle for doing so. Everything looks great against and with white. Even the items you will place on your countertops will take on a different look when they are surrounded by white. If your collection has color, then it will provide a real pop of color and will certainly get noticed as the only color in the room.



You can change the color of your kitchen whenever you like.  For the reason I just stated, a white kitchen, being be neutral, allows anything and any color really stand out. So, if for now you want to have a red accent color in your fabrics and accents, go right ahead. In a few years, you can just change those red fabrics and accessories out for blue and have a whole new look. White allows you to always have an easy background in which you can express yourself and the latest color trends.



White kitchens blend in easily with other adjoining rooms.   A white kitchen is easy to live with and also easy to design around. If you are starting with your kitchen first in a remodel or even a new home, choosing white will allow you the most flexibility later when it comes to making other material and color choices for the adjoining spaces. Everything goes with white and it will make your life a lot easier later when it comes to selecting items for the other rooms.


Now for a few things that I want you to remember when deciding to choose a white kitchen:


The hardware will really stand out.  Against a white cabinet, the hardware you chose will really make a statement. That can be a wonderful thing. But think carefully about the shape and the color you want and how 50 or 60 of those will look. Against white, you will really notice the hardware (unless of course you chose a white pull or knob).


Use pattern and texture to keep the room interesting.   An all-white kitchen can get boring fast. Using texture and pattern is the way to keep your eye interested and give the room personality. For texture, think of wood beams in the ceiling or a hand scraped wood floor. How about brick on the wall or an interesting texture to your fabrics. A hammered metal hood or a light fixture can add interest. For pattern, consider the mullions on the glass doors and their pattern. Or what about a patterned wallpaper or patterned tile floor. Even the backsplash can have a great pattern, while still staying a neutral white. Just remember: without using color, you need to rely on the other elements of design: pattern and texture, to make the room memorable.



If you want to add an accent color or stain to your cabinetry, do it on the island.  It is great sometimes to add an accent color to the cabinetry and the island is the perfect place to do so. A black island is a classic. But walnut and cherry stains are also wonderful and give the room some visual warmth. If you want to add a color, look to your dishes or an accent color you love that is used in adjoining rooms. This is not the place to try a new trendy color. Keep to a color that you have loved for years. Then tie in a few new accent pieces or fabrics to complete the look.



White will show more dirt and scuffs.   It is true: white is wonderful but it will show more of life’s little mishaps than darker and more patterned materials. But you can put the odds in your favor by choosing non-white floor, by selecting knobs rather than pulls to keep dirty hands away from the white cabinetry and using a patterned white or darker countertop material. Also that stained or accent color island we just mentioned is also great because an island tends to get a lot of scuffs from barstools and kids circling around and a darker finish helps hide the abuse much better than a white finish. Finally you may want to use the flooring material- wood or tile- on the toe kick of the perimeter cabinetry to hide scuffs there as well.


If you follow my advice and tips above you can have a white kitchen that not only looks beautiful, but functions great as well and reflects your personality and good , classic taste. You can see a lot more examples of beautiful white kitchens on our Pinterest page.


Kitchen Trends for 2015

 Each year, I love to look back and see where design has been for the last year and where it seems to be going. Over the last few years, I have seen kitchens becoming less cookie-cutter and more reflective of the client’s lifestyle and personal style. Kitchens today reflect a wider array of choices and materials than ever before. They are becoming more than just a space to cook and prepare food; the kitchen is really where much of a family’s activities and time is spent.

 I would like to share with you some trends that I see becoming even more mainstream and important as 2015 begins and most of these, I believe, will be with us for many years to come.



  Built-In Seating Built-in seating is not a new concept, but I am seeing, and using more myself for my client, the concept of a built-in area for the breakfast table. Not only does it save space, it is also a real bonus for small kids who have a problem with chairs. Just slide right in and have a seat. Somehow to me, a built-in seat has a cozy feel and makes you want to sit and stay awhile. Many times they also become great hangouts for reading, checking emails, homework—all the things that are normal everyday activities for most families. My advice: pick dramatic chairs and give the room character and simple tables to allow for easy in and out access.


 Gray Color Cabinetry With all the popularity of white cabinetry and Carrera marble, gray cabinetry has really become a great trend in the last few years. Acting as a neutral, gray cabinetry blends beautifully with almost any other accent color and offers a classic alternative to the standard all white kitchen. Think about adding an island in gray with your white kitchen. It also looks stunning with black. My advice: go with a warmer shade of gray to keep the kitchen from looking too cool.


 Open Shelves While this new trend may scare several of you, the open shelf concept in kitchens has been around for hundreds of years. Before we decided to put everything out of sight and behind cabinetry, most kitchens were just highly functional and practical. Today’s budding gourmet chefs like open shelves because everything is easy to see and quick at hand. As a designer, they offer the opportunity to add new materials to a kitchen design and to create interesting shapes and lines. My advice: use a small amount of open shelves. Mainly to store your everyday dishes and service ware or use them near the prep area for mixing bowls and bakeware. This way the items are using neat and tidy and always looking good.


 Large Scale Tile With the recent invention of digital printing on tile and the use of waterjet technology, I have seen an explosion of large pattern tile. These tiles have detailed and complex patterns and interesting mixes of materials. The effect is of a wallpaper design. Nowhere is this more exciting than on a kitchen backsplash or floor. Gone are the days of small, buy patterns of tile on the backsplash: today’s newest looks features a strong pattern used throughout the entire backsplash area, in much the same way that someone wallpapers an entire wall. I love to create more drama by covering the entire wall- backsplash and around the sink window – with these gorgeous patterns. My advice: if you are afraid of a lot of color, pick a large scale tile in a neutral white and gray material for a more subtle and subdued look.


 Rustic Materials mixed with Contemporary style Sleek contemporary kitchens can sometimes become lifeless and cold. Adding a touch of an organic, rustic material and texture into the room, not only adds warmth but also tons of personality. I have seen this trend coming on strong in the furniture and accessories markets for the last couple of years, but now kitchen designers and homeowners are embracing this look as well. Imagine sleek polished nickel up against a piece of raw natural wood. Or a textured old brick wall combined with a piece of polished marble. The look is not only striking; it is visually stimulating. My advice: pick the area that you want to emphasize and make it a strong contrast: your eye will naturally go to that area.


 Large Glass Front Cabinets Glass front cabinets are nothing new. But today’s trend setting kitchens offer glass cabinetry that is oversized and makes a strong visual statement. Think more of pantry door that is full glass. Used to store mainly dishes, bakeware or serving pieces, these oversized doors now can be made of polished nickel frames, stainless steel frames or matching wood frames. They now feature items like LED lighting that highlight collections and offer mood lighting during the evening. The look is striking and and filled with drama. My advice: create a wall of full glass cabinetry between the dining room or breakfast room to keep your dishes and stemware in full view and stylistically tie the two rooms together.

See more examples of my kitchen trends for 2015 on our pinterest board here.


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