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06 Mar Handheld shower head

Every shower should have a handheld shower head with a slider bar.  A handheld shower head on a slider bar makes a shower so much easier to clean and rinse.  Plus is it so easy to water plants and wash the dog.  For couples of...

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25 Feb The Bongo Ottoman

This versatile piece has been a staple of mine for many years.  It has a wonderful ability to go everywhere and do anything. Available in 2 heights, it can act as extra seating in a family or living room, placing them in front of a fireplace, tucked...

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13 Feb Placing the TV in your Room

Mount your TV for comfortable viewing when seated, not standing.  So many people mount TV’s above mantels that are too high for comfortable viewing when seated.  What is the correct height?  It’s easy!  Sit comfortably in your chair.  Now stare at a spot on the...

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