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It’s hard to believe that summer is rapidly coming to an end.  Labor Day is just 2 weeks away, and as soon as you come in from the lake, the cabin and the pool, you will begin . . . perhaps reluctantly . . . to think about the holiday season just a few months away.

And some of you will begin to remember that you promised yourself that you would update, remodel or spruce up the home by the time the fall and Holiday parties start.  Well, guess what? The time is here!  Don’t let yourself get caught short on time this year.

You can overhaul any room in your home without spending a fortune and, more importantly, without major construction and mess.  And by starting the process now, you can have everything up and ready before the last leaves fall.

Over the next several weeks, I will share with you some ways to transform the rooms in your home.  Some ideas will cost hundreds; some will cost several thousand, but all will transform the look of your room without the expense and mess of a complete remodel or redesign.

LIVING ROOM and FAMILY ROOM:  Select 2 – 3 of my suggestions below and your room will have a whole new look.

1.  Paint:  The cheapest and easiest tool at your disposal.  A fresh, new coat of paint for the walls will transform a room more than any single thing you can do.  Look at your current fabrics:  is there a color in them that you would love to play with?  Go for it!  Feeling a little timid?  Paint it on just one wall, as an accent.  Or paint it in the back of your bookcases, if you have them.  Remember: the more intense the color, the less of it you need to make an impact.


2  Window treatments:  Many of you run out of steam or money when it comes to the windows.  You move in –       place shutters and blinds on the windows for privacy and light control – and call it a day.  Now is the time to finish what your started.  The correct drapery style and materials can make your room feel larger, draw your eye to a fantastic view and add the finish polish to your room.  There are so many beautiful trims and tapes available, as well as great rods and finials that can complete your look.  This is yet another place to add a splash of accent color or texture to add interest to your room.

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 3.  A new rug or carpet:  The floor in your room is a large area – changing this will make a big impact.  Maybe select a rug with a bold pattern or bold color.  For wall-to-wall carpeting, select a carpet with texture to add visual interest.  Your floor acts as a background for all the fabrics placed on it – changing it can make all your existing furnishings look new and different.


4.  Recover one piece of furniture:  We all have that piece of upholstery that is looking a little worn or maybe suffers from boredom.  If it is your sofa, select a solid color, but with an unusual texture or pattern weave, then throw on some fun, vibrant print pillows to tie in with your new paint or color scheme.  If it is a chair, be bold!  A dramatic, “show stopping” print on even the smallest chair can make a huge impact and really update a room.  2 – 3 yards of a great print fabric, whether on pillows or an accent chair, can completely transform your space.


5.  Art and Accessories:  Do this – take a photograph of your room.  What do you see?  Mismatched lamps?  Prints and pictures from your first apartment? Tables that are empty – or worse – cluttered with too much junk?  Blank walls?  Are your bookcases filled with cheap picture frames and the Encyclopedia Britannica from 1979?

Art and accessories can have a huge impact on your room.  This is a time to invest in a few nice pieces, including great lamps, which you will keep for years to come.  You can bring out a great accent color – or metal finish – through your accessories.  Start by removing all the art and accessories from you room.  Only put back those items that your truly love or that have a special meaning to you.  This is a great way to edit your items as well as a way to see the new items you will need.  Think fewer, bolder, and more personally significant items as you rebuild and transform your space.


Call us to schedule an appointment with one of our designers to help you overhaul your room.  Or come by our showroom and browse for ideas.

Next week I will discuss updating your bath.

Overhaul your bath!!
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