07 Jun Adding Personality to Your Kitchen Remodel

TransitionKitchenDownsviewCabinetsSo, you have decided to remodel your kitchen. You’ve done your homework and you have a budget and you have a plan. And you are in the midst of making all the decisions about cabinetry, appliances, flooring, etc. Or maybe you are just looking at your kitchen and thinking that it needs a little help and a refresh. Maybe you have just bought a home and while the kitchen is OK, it really doesn’t excite you and you feel let down every time you look at it.
In today’s home, a boring, bland kitchen doesn’t make the cut. The kitchen is at the home of the home —YOUR home—and it should reflect what makes you special.

If you are in any of these situations, you need to stop and think about will make this kitchen reflect YOU! Your style, your personality, your family, the way you live and the things you love most. You need to add personality into your kitchen design. If you are redesigning a whole new kitchen, you can select many elements that reflect something special about you and tells a unique story. Make your kitchen a “one of a kind” kitchen. But even if you are just wanting to do a modest kitchen update or remodel, you can chose just a few items to help take your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary.


Here are 4 ways to make your kitchen unique with your style and personality:


Pick a Unique Color – Honey Oak cabinetry with beige walls and tan floors might be safe for a resale kitchen, but it just won’t do for your kitchen. Think about your favorite color and use it as a wall paint. Select a colorful backsplash tile for a jolt of color. Or look at your dinnerware for inspiration in the painting an island or hutch piece. Still not sure? Look to your wardrobe for the colors you wear the most; you usually wear colors that you love. Dress your kitchen like you would dress yourself. The point is to surround yourself with the colors that you love.


Select a Unique Material – The right mix of materials and the use of some exotic ones say a lot about your style and who you are. Try exotic woods, like bamboo or lyptus. Try copper accents for a vintage, nostalgic feel. Cork on the floor or recycled glass countertops can not only be friendly to the environment but also a great way to express your unique personality and what is important to you. Look around your home and garden for materials and products that speak to you and that you can incorporate into your new kitchen design or remodel.

Create Unique Solutions – Kitchens are custom, so one size does not fit all. Make a list of the activities you perform in your kitchen, along with any special items or features you want in your new kitchen remodel or design. It is those special features and solutions that will make your kitchen unique and a perfect fit for your life. Like coffee or tea? Design a special area for all your coffees and teas. Like to bake? Create a special baking cabinet to house your baking utensils and with a lower counter, perfect for rolling dough and drawers for all your rolling pins, dough cutters, and pastry bags. Animal lover? What about a special cabinet for all your animals treats, leashes, and watering and food bowls? Have small children? Create an area for them to have their own snacks and foods and at a counter height that is just right for them. You get the picture. Look at your life and how you live and design a kitchen that accommodates all your special needs and you will create that one of a kind kitchen.


Focus On Unique details – Sometimes the smallest of things can have the biggest impact on a kitchen remodel and set your kitchen apart from the rest. The light fixture you chose. The edge detail on a countertop. The fabric on your chair cushions. The style and finish of your faucet and the selection of your cabinetry hardware all speak volumes about who you are and the message you want to send. And just like accessories and jewelry can make or break and outfit, so can the items you select for your kitchen. Think about the message you want to say with your kitchen and the style that makes you happy. Are you fussy or clean? Modern or traditional? Attention grabbing with bling or quiet and reserved. As you make each decision, make sure it is in keeping with the overall style and effect you want to create. The overall success of your kitchen’s style will be made by one small decision at a time. The devil is in the details and the details will make all the difference in creating a unique kitchen that is a reflection on you.
By using the principles above for your kitchen remodel, not only will you create a kitchen that reflects your style and personality, you will surround yourself with the things that make you happy and that is what will really be the heart of your home.


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