03 Mar Design Bloggers Conference Atlanta 2015

This past week I had the pleasure of spending 3 days in Atlanta for the Design Bloggers Conference.
Despite the nasty weather, over 250 design bloggers gathered to learn about how to write better
blogs, engage their target audience and to view and preview some of the latest products and trends in
the interior design industry.


ADAC Atlanta

Our first day included several lectures in the morning and a tour of the Atlanta Design and Arts Center
(ADAC) and touring several showrooms. I always love spending time at ADAC and seeing some the
industry’s coolest new products and getting design inspiration from the nation’s top manufacturers of
custom products for the home.


Browsing the manufacturer showrooms at ADAC

Our next day was spent at the Grand Hyatt of Buckhead, where the event was held and our keynote
speaker was Nate Berkus, nationally known designer, TV celebrity and, most importantly, Oprah’s
friend. He discussed his design approach and philosophy, as well as how he continues to market his
brand and designs through the blogging community. His approach of surrounding yourself with only
those people and things that you treasure the most, really hit home.


Nate Berkus discussing his design approach and philosophy

On our final day, we heard from HGTV celebrity and producer Brian Patrick Flynn. He is not only in
charge of the companies blog but also produces several of the HGTV shows as well as being a highly
sought after designer, having completed projects all over the country. His energetic style was very
entertaining and I really got a lot from his approach of not seeking perfection in all that we do, but to
make your work memorable and educational for others.

Now that I am back in throws of design work and writing, I can’t wait to integrate some of the
principles I learned this past week into my interior design work, as well as into my writings right here
on this blog. My goal is to give you blog posts that are valuable, informative, timely and as fun to read
as they are to write.

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