23 Dec My Top 5 Favorite Design Books of 2013

So it is now less than 48 hours until Christmas.  And if you are like many of us, there are still one or two gifts you still need for that someone who is “hard to buy for” or “who has everything”. Well if he or she has a passion for design and appreciation for beautiful things, you can never go wrong with a great book!

I love books!! Everyone who knows me knows this and in this digital, paperless age, to hold a beautiful book in your hand and enjoy its content, page by page, is for me – joyous.

I have reviewed 12 books this year in my Haskell’s Library segment.  All of them are terrific books, each with its own story to tell and a unique perspective on the art and science of interior design.

But, if you need to find a book for that hard-to-please design aficionado, here are my top 5 recommendations, each offering a unique twist on the typical design fare.

  1. Nate Berkus, The Things That Matter.   The title of this book says it all.  You should only surround yourself with the items that truly matter and bring joy to your life.  This is a wonderfully inspiring book, but it is a book that needs to be read.  The photos are great but the real purpose of this book is in the reading.  By the end, you will definitely look at your home and the things in it in a whole new light.  You will be inspired on your next design project, whether it is a single room or a whole house.    

RESIZED.nate cover

RESIZED.nate 2

      2.   Designers at Home, by Ronda Rice Carman.  A wonderful look at famous designers own homes.  This book  is  chocked full of ideas, the photography is superb and the writing is simple and to the point. It will quickly become your new “go to” book for design ideas.

RESIZED.Designers at Home

                        3.    Charlotte Moss, A Visual Life. This book is a visual delight and full of inspiration for anyone who loves design, whether inside or outside of the home. This is not a “how to” book.  It is a “how to be inspired” book.  It will definitely make you begin to see the world in a different way and understand that beauty and design can come from each and every object that surrounds us daily.



4. Kitchen Ideas That Work, by Jamie Gold. This is a great resource and educational tool for anyone thinking of remodeling a kitchen or even just updating one.  It will serve as a great tool for the homeowner to read before hitting the stores and showrooms.  This book is not meant to replace a qualified, professional kitchen designer, rather it is meant to give the homeowner and education and to equip them with the knowledge and understanding of the choices available today for the modern kitchen.  The knowledge from this book will help best prepare the homeowner when working with a designer or architect to create the dream kitchen that will become the heart of their home.


Kitchen ideas2

5.Around Beauty,  by Barbara Barry.  Definitely the beauty book of the bunch.  Even if it contained no words, this book would be a feast for the eyes.  This is a phenomenal read for someone looking to be inspired – inspired to create their own beauty in their home by looking at the simple things that surround us all.



With just hours to spare, any of the above books should satisfy the pickiest person on your list.  And you’ll know that it is a perfect fit and color. . . unlike that Christmas sweater you were thinking about giving them.

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